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As your committed animation and video production partner, we will be with you throughout the entire process. From conceptualization to the ultimate delivery of animations, brand films, explainers, product videos, testimonials, social media ads, and more, we strive to exceed your marketing objectives, ensure maximum return on investment (ROI), and engage your audiences across multiple platforms.

Grow your brand using video

In the realm of video production services, we go beyond mere content creation. Our focus lies in crafting compelling narratives that forge deep connections with your audience. Whether you are part of the government, a not-for-profit organization, or the business sector, we acknowledge the unique requirements and challenges that each industry presents.

Storytelling: Deconstructing the 15-second ad

As viewers’ attention spans continue to shorten, it has become crucial to capture their interest within the first few seconds; otherwise, they will quickly shift their focus elsewhere. Nowadays, 15 seconds has become the new standard for attention-grabbing, surpassing the traditional 30-second timeframe. To effectively engage viewers, a well-crafted narrative structure plays a pivotal role. Let’s break down this new storytelling structure by exploring a 15-second ad.

Understanding the significance of video content ecosystems for marketers.

In a marketing landscape where over 90% of buying decisions are subconscious, how can we, as marketers, guarantee that our brands are chosen at the moment of purchase? Neuroscience marketing suggests that brands need to be part of the consumer’s consideration subsets to be remembered when the time comes to make a purchase. The question then arises, how do we achieve this? The answer lies in Video Content Ecosystems.


Creative Development

We acknowledge that you are the expert when it comes to your brand. Leveraging our extensive experience in filmmaking and storytelling, along with your profound knowledge of your brand, we collaboratively develop distinctive concepts that captivate, inform, inspire, and drive sales. If you already have a concept in mind and are seeking a production partner, we can assist with that as well!



Once the chosen creative concept is in place, our team will transform it into a viable film. We take charge of all aspects, including script writing, storyboarding, scouting filming locations, casting, voice-over and music selection, and more. We take great pride in efficiently managing timelines, deliverables, and budgets to ensure a smooth and successful production process.



Our production crew is well-prepared to handle a variety of filming scenarios, whether it involves scripted scenes, in-depth interviews, or run-n-gun event coverage. Recognizing that every story is unique, we carefully select our Directors, Cinematographers, and crew for each project, drawing from diverse backgrounds. This approach enables us to maintain a high level of creative originality across all aspects of production, putting us at the forefront of innovation in the industry.



The art of assembling your perfectly captured footage requires highly specialized skills. Our editors are story-focused, ensuring that your video production stays on message. Additionally, we utilize experts in color grading, sound mixing, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation to add a touch of excellence to the final product.

Grow your brand using video

Being part of the Jakarta video production scene, The Vantirta Digital Company has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the way businesses convey their brand stories. Our video production services go beyond mere content creation; we focus on crafting captivating narratives that deeply connect with your audience. Whether you belong to the government, a not-for-profit organization, or the business sector, we recognize that each industry comes with distinct requirements and obstacles.

Storytelling: Deconstructing the 15-second ad

Viewer’s attention spans are getting shorter; If you don’t grab their attention in the first few seconds, they will turn their attention to something else. Today, 15-seconds is the new 30 seconds. A well-crafted narrative structure is key to engaging viewers.  Let’s deconstruct the new storytelling narrative structure in the form of a 15-second ad.

Understanding the significance of video content ecosystems for marketers.

When over 90% of buying decisions are sub-conscious, what can we do as marketers to ensure our brands are selected at the point of purchase? According to neuroscience marketing, brands must first be in the consumer’s consideration subsets to be recalled at the point of purchase. But how do we get our brands there? The answer is through Video Content Ecosystems.

It comes down to three rules working in unison to increase brand saliency, so your brand is chosen at the moment of the buying decision.

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